Fried Green Tomatoes


Actually, they are quite delicious. Especially when breaded, spiced, and eaten with a curry.

I pulled some of the most beautiful green tomatoes I’ve ever seen out of the garden this afternoon. It’s kind of sad to see things come to an end (you can read all about this on our vegetable gardening website), and now I get to experiment with green tomatoes. I need to reserve some for a pie (in the event that my dad visits soon – it’s his favorite!), and I used some a couple of weeks ago to make a green tomato and apple chutney – that’s pretty darn good! I imagine the chutney will only get better as it sits; I canned at least six pints of it. Last year I made a green tomato salsa, but I don’t have the rest of the salsa ingredients right now (well, except for extremely HOT chile peppers). I’m thinking some pickles.

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  1. Lynn says:

    It’s great to hear that Niko is coming around to the dogs. That gives me hope that when we are able to add a dog to our family, maybe our cats will come to cope with (and maybe love?) life with a dog.

    P.S. You should hang extra peppers to dry by stringing them up by their stems

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