Kombucha for All!

Puck loves Kombucha

Believe it or not, both Puck and Nigel are huge kombucha fans. A couple weeks ago when Puck was having some problems with his food, I gave him some kombucha. It’s full of probiotics, and is supposed to support the digestive system. I guess Chris started giving it to the dogs regularly when I was in D.C., and now they actually beg for it. There could be worse things, right?

Speaking of Puck and his digestion, I won’t go into the details but we noticed a huge difference – immediately – when we ran out of Nature’s Recipe dog food and started cooking them meals. I picked up some more Nature’s Recipe food when I was in the cities, and he immediately lapsed back into the digestive problems after eating only a small amount. So the dogs are on a home-cooked diet now (following recipes from Vegetarian Dogs), and seem to be in better spirits and health.

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