Silk: The Creamy Soy Beverage from Microsoft, ExxonMobil, and Wal-Mart.

Silk is Dean Foods

More and more Americans are switching from dairy milk to soy milk – mostly for the health benefits of soy protein, lactose intolerance, and because it’s frequently in the refrigerators on many television shows and movies. While most people aren’t buying the dairy alternative for ethical reasons, I wonder how many people who do realize that their favorite brand of soy milk is made by the largest dairy processor and distributor in the world.

White Wave Foods (who owns Silk) is a subsidiary of Dean Foods. This means that purchasing the most widely available (at least in the Midwest) meat- and dairy-alternatives is giving money to the unethical treatment of cows in factory farm conditions.

Dean Foods owns many dairy companies, including Horizon Organic who was recently boycotted by many individuals and health food stores for their false claims about organic production running under factory farm conditions. Dean Foods also licenses Land O Lakes products, which is distributed by White Wave as well. Talk about a huge vicious circle.

Other products that play into the Dean Foods/White Wave hands include Hershey’s milk shakes, International Delight creamers, and over 40 brands of milk. They are also a leading supplier of branded and private label pickles, olives, relish, sauces, puddings, and dips. About 80% of store-brand pickles are private labeled Dean Foods products.

Corporate share holders of Dean Foods include Microsoft, Wal-Mart, ExxonMobil, and Coca-Cola. More information about Dean Foods at The Responsible Shopper,, and

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