Wild Wood Organics

Wild Wood Soy Yogurt

Recently I mentioned WholeSoy yogurt, just a couple days before the company had a number of products recalled because they may have contained dairy.

I have more contempt for the dairy industry than I do for the beef industy, which makes me shudder every time I see a soy product marketed as “Vegan” that is owned by the dairy industry or manufactured alongside a dairy industry product.

Given vegan standards (and taste too!), Wild Wood Organics wins the coin flip for soy yogurt. Their website boasts:

Wildwood Soyogurt is NOT produced on equipment shared with dairy. We own and operate our own non-dairy facility. We are the only brand of Soy Yogurt that is not manufactured using shared dairy equipment.

The company itself is fairly interesting. It’s a joint company (Pulmuone and Wildwood) with roots stemming both from a family farm in Iowa and a farming cooperative in Korea. The cooperative in Korea (Pulmuone) was started in 1955, and entered the US in 1991. Since 1978, Wildwood has been creating organic/natural vegetarian products – apparently their fame started with the BRT sandwich (Brown Rice & Tofu). Their soybeans mostly come from the midwest, though the company is known best on the west coast. The two companies joined in 2004. (Visit Wild Wood’s website and Pulmuone’s website).

As you can see, Niko likes the yogurt as well. I’ve been special ordering it weekly from the food co-op, and between Chris, Niko, Nigel, Puck, and myelf it’s pretty easy to go through a case of 12 in a week. Nice to finally have some breakfast foods around the house. We all agree that Vanilla is the best – though Niko is fond of blueberry as well.

I’m now considering ordering a case of plain (unsweetened) to see if I can use it as a culture to make my own soy yogurt (with homemade soymilk from local soybeans, of course). When time permits…

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