Soap, Soap, Soap

Lavendar/Cedar and “Fruit Explosion”

Above: Lavendar/Cedarwood (essential oil blend) and “Fruit Explosion” – mango, papaya, pineapple, guava, apple.

Lemongrass/Cassia and Clean Scent Blend

Above: Cassia/Lemongrass (EO blend) and ___(yet unnamed)___… it’s layered with Clean Laundry and Lavender fragrance oils… smells “clean”, nothing like lavender (I haven’t yet found a synthetic lavender blend that smells like lavender).

I ordered a few pounds of essential oils to play around with. I wanted about half of my line to be EO blends, rather than synthetic fragrances. We’ll see… I figured since they’re for sale at the food co-op people would be more interested in the au-natural route. That hasn’t been the case so far, however. None of my EO or unscented soaps sell well; the ones that do well are Blueberry (??), and spicy ones. The bold colors may help; something new anyway. It takes a long time (and a lot of patience) to pour a striped log of soap like that.

Still putting together a website to sell them on, as requested. I sent a few bars to a friend in the army, and they were well received! I do need to get these guys for sale in another location, as my log mold holds 22 bars of soap… so I have quite a stash saved up.

I also have a bunch of little sample-sized bars, which I am very willing to give away. (Hint, hint)

I may experiment with a few more things this weekend… possibly another batch/recipe for shampoo (or maybe shower gel this time), more liquid soap, and I’m thinking toothpaste. I got some tooth soap from someone who also makes this kind of stuff, and it’s quite wonderful. I’ve been reading tubes, and I’d like to whip up some… but rather than go the “soap” way with oils and lye, I think I’ll try the “conventional way” with sodium coco-sulfate (not SLS like the rest of them)… and xylitol if I can get my hands on some.

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