… we’re still here.

Niko & Puck

Niko and Puck, just waking up.

Unfortunately, we haven’t had a house showing in two weeks now… this is getting a bit frustrating, and we’d like to move before this winter.

We’ve changed our criteria a bit. After looking at houses we can afford on 5 acres and seeing the shape they are in (one said “DO NOT ENTER FOR YOUR HEALTH. HAZARDOUS MOLD.”), we decided to look for slightly more expensive houses on one-acre lots in the Twin Cities Suburbs. Blaine, Coon Rapids, etc. There are a lot of nice places in Ramsey – so there’s a possibility.

But… I think we need to put off the house hunting until my house starts looking like it’s going to sell. Blech.

2 replies on “… we’re still here.”

  1. Lynn says:

    i like the new style! and i’m bummin that you can’t sell your house. it’s just a crappy market. have you considered renting your house out (hopefully not to a bunch of messy college students) and buying a house anyway? if you have a good credit, it’s still really easy to get a house with a very low down payment. you could always do that for a year or so and see if interest picks up later.

  2. jessi gurr says:

    thanks :) This is the result of a boring evening spent fiddling around with photoshop. I just liked the colors.

    I had considered renting… but we’ve put so much into this house, I would hate to see it get mucked up with renters. Plus, renting out just one house 3 hours away from where we live would be a bit of a pain.

    I’m trying to track down my Realtor. I’m considering dropping the price by a lot, which kind of sucks… but we’re ready to move on in life- and I feel “stuck” right now.

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