What do you eat?

“Oh, you’re a vegan? Well, then, what do you eat?”

Please, please if you consume sentient beings or by-products of sentient beings without their permission, never – I repeat, never – ask this question of someone who chooses not to.

What do you eat? Are you sure you’re getting enough protein in your diet? (Are you sure you aren’t getting too much?) Do you know if you are getting the right amount of B12 in your diet? Do you think I have a harder time finding sources of nutrients than a six-ton elephant has? Are edible plant foods very hard to come by? Am I underweight? Overweight? Sickly? Do you know how many years it’s been since I’ve considered putting something that wasn’t grown from the earth in my stomach?

Oh, yes – and my dogs are vegans too. And for the past year, I have actually noticed that they are healtier than they used to be. Especially Puck – my special-needs boxer with allergies to things I probably haven’t heard of. Happy, lucky, vegan boys.

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  1. Melissa says:

    What lovely plants you have! For the first time in three years, my tomatoes are leaving me anxious and confused. I came across your blog while trying to diagnose what the problem may be. Anyway, I saw your post about being a vegan and thought I would pass along a great link to a vegan blog. Even for non-vegans, like me, it’s WONDERFUL!! http://www.veganlunchbox.blogspot.com

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