morels and more

Chris and I went to the cities last weekend to visit our mothers on Mother’s Day. Unfortunately, the weather was quite drab, but it was a fine weekend. As always, I spent way too much money… but I did have a gift certificate that helped me purchase a food saver, and I got a free bag of dog food.

Chris’s dad had a bunch of morel mushrooms growing in his back yard! Chris brouht some home with him, and we ate them with penne on Sunday night – pretty good, but not incredibly flavorful. I don’t think I’d fork over the money to actually buy them. Inspired by Chris’s findings, I decided to scour my parents’ back yard for mushrooms as well – I found some giant, delicious-looking mushrooms growing on a stump, so I brought some back here with me. We were not able to definitely identify them using my mushroom book, so we decided not to eat them. I have seen references to a book called “Minnesota Mushrooms,” but I have never actually been able to locate a copy of it. I think it’s pretty old though, so someone should work on a new edition.

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