Niko’s New Little Sister


Niko doesn’t know this yet… but tomorrow night she is getting a new little sister! (This photo is at least a month old… she’s around 3-4 months now).

Chris has been bothering me for some time about a second cat – to even out the score. Now we’ll have two people, two dogs, and two cats. Plus three boys and three girls – so we can gang up on eachother, or something.

Her Humane-Society given name is Tootsie, but we’ll be choosing a new name for her once we get to know her. We’ve never introduced two cats before… the new kitten will be living in our “Chill Room” for a couple of days until everyone sniffs her out. Then the plan is to put Niko in that room alone for a while, to give her a chance to smell while the dogs meet the kitty.

She has a lot of experience with other cats, and she’s really playful and loves to fight/play with the black lab that she’s being fostered with right now. Exciting!

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