2 replies on “Introducing Kallie”

  1. Lynn says:

    Awww…. Animal friends are so much fun! You guys seem to be really good at animal integration. My parents had an old cat when they got their current cat (who is now pretty old, but was a kitten at the time) and it was like some sort of all out cat war. They never got along, even for a minute. We’ll have to get some tips from you when we finally get a puppy.

  2. jessi gurr says:

    Kallie was supposed to stay in a room by herself for a whole day before introductions, so everyone could sniff her out. But I wasn’t here when she came, and Chris got impatient. I got home and saw the door to the room open and said, “Where’s the new kitten?” Chris said, “In the room.” I said, “Where’s Niko”… “In the room.”

    It did take a couple of days, and some hissing, but it was pretty quick, overall. Kallie adjusted to the dogs much quicker than Niko did (she’s a bit younger though)

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