Cat Houses

More Cat Beds

So, this is what kept me quite busy in the weeks before the holidays. It all started with the cat house I randomly decided to make one Friday afternoon:

Cat House

… that moved on to a cat bed:

Cat Bed

… and eventually progresed into quite a project. Turns out, everyone in my family has cats. (Surprise). All in all… I made the cat house for Kallie, the bed for Niko… and another practice cat house. Then four cat beds (plus one that didn’t turn out quite as planned) and two more cat houses for my family. Oh yeah, and a life-sized stuffed cat for my mom. The two houses for my brother’s cats and mom’s cats turned out the best, by far:

Cat House

Cat Bed

(Kallie tested all of them, and approved). And there was a bit of time in there to put together new labels for my other handmade stuffs.

Jessi’s Handmade Stuff

Yeah, tons of photos. But it was hard work.

I took a week off over Christmas, and I’m having a really hard time catching back up. I’ve been falling behind with projects for the food co-op, and it seems like EVERYBODY needs a website redesign before the middle of January. On the bright side, my February web design bills are going to look pretty nice!

A lady who shops at the food co-op keeps bringing my handmade soap back to Italy with her. She requested that I have a website so that her friends in Italy can place orders before she goes there. So, another thing to add to the bottom of my pile of “things to do”.

2 replies on “Cat Houses”

  1. Lynn says:

    That’s awesome! See, what I really need is the motivation to finish a project. How much would you charge for a “Big Dog” sized animal bed? Ludo has one bed right now, but I want to take him to work with me once he’s completely house-trained, and I don’t want to cart his bed with me everyday. The beds they sell at the store seem a little overpriced to me ($100 for some foam and fabric just doesn’t seem right somehow). If you could offer a better price, I’d order one right up!

  2. jessi gurr says:

    ACTUALLY… it’s more expensive to buy the (new) foam than it is to buy one of those cat houses made in China, which really stinks. But I’ll keep it in mind!

    I might sell “Recycled Cat Houses and Beds” online, using recycled fabric (like, Salvation Army clothes… I made some of them with old clothes). But used foam and bedding? Eeeeww!

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