Crafty Weeks


I’m not sure exactly who reads this weblog, so instead of posting pictures of what’s been keeping me busy over the past couple of weeks, I decided to post a picture of Kallie eating lima beans. Mmmm… lima beans!

I haven’t yet decided if I’m going to buy Christmas presents for my family, or make them all. I have a pretty good list started, but traditionally the family Christmas Present time goes on and on, with everyone spending way too much money on everyone else.

The sad thing is, all said and done, my handmade gifts are racking up more on my credit card than a quick shop-and-go trip to a big mall would cost me. But… I’ve been learning to sew this year, and I’ve been playing around with Potassium Hydroxide and some (cosmetic) emulsifiers/detergents/etc… and some really nice new soy pillar wax… it’s mostly the guys in the family that I’m worried about, I guess.

The sewing projects have been turning out far better than I ever thought they would. I’ll post pictures after the holidays.

TONIGHT… because I wore holes in my slippers last year and have been tripping over Chris’s slippers as I try to wear them this year, I am attempting to sew a new pair of slippers for myself. My “projects” have left me with some extra material that is perfect for slipper-making, so I hope they turn out. I will post pictures of those if they do!

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