Jarradale Pumpkin


Pumpkin, squash, and sweet potatoes definitely top the list when it comes to cat favorites. Kallie turns into a little green monster when we pull out the pumpkin. Niko scored this snack by herself when Kallie was too busy sleeping. Lucky girl!

The jarradale (blue) pumpkin is my favorite variety of pumpkin (well, of the varieties I’ve tasted, anyway). It has super dark-orange flesh, and makes wonderful breads and pumpkin sauces. My uncle grows many acres of pumpkins each year for his October Pumpkin & Hayride event at The Eveland Family Farm. We came back from the Twin Cities a few weekends ago with sooo many pumpkins and squashes… and my mom is bringing more next weekend! I’ll be bringing a lot of them to The Food Co-op to sell, and hopefully building up enough energy to freeze what’s left.


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