So, this is life.


“Skittles” layered CP soap. It doesn’t have anything to do with anything, except that it’s pretty darn cool and took me a long time to make. Note the custom soap stamp too… it doesn’t show up too well in photos, but it’s still neat.

My website business is almost full-time. This is a good thing, considering my charge per hour. But a lot of it isn’t billable time (more clients, more work = more “office-type stuff”)… on the other hand, I just filed my taxes, and I learned that the business is doing quite well for itself. If it wasn’t for the Apple iBook Pro that I bought in January last year, I would have *owed* money on my personal taxes this year. Wow.

So, it seems like it’s time for me to meet with an accountant and see if I can continue filing on Schedule C or if I need to file business taxes separately from now on. That’s going to be a fun learning project, and may involve making myself an “employee” and setting up payroll. Whoopee!

And this is where the food co-op (doesn’t) fit in. I really love my job at the food co-op, and if it was really “part-time” I’d probably be OK with it. But with my website business growing so much, I’m not putting enough time into the co-op as I should… and when I do put in enough time, I wear myself out. Blech.

Chris and I have been looking at moving/land possibilities. We found a place near Princeton that was affordable, but unfortunately the house on the property isn’t livable. I talked to a Realtor, and told him what we were looking for. We’ve lowered our expectations a bit – thinking more like 10 acres – but up-and-moving to a different part of the state would require both of us quitting our jobs (well, besides my business)… and I don’t know if we’d be able to afford *anything* with land closer to the Twin Cities than we are now.

Ugh. We’ll see. Right now, I have to make my bread dough into buns for dinner, and then drink another beer.

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