What a boring day.


There’s just something odd about this day. It’s the first really nice spring day we’ve had: it’s 60º and very calm. Puck even camped out in the back yard for a half an hour – something he never does (he much prefers the couch inside).

I have a lot of work to do. Lots of miscellaneous website work… some stuff for the food co-op (including writing my job description -???- for the next manager)… and countless home repairs. But nothing is urgent – in fact, I could probably put off everything for a week or two, and nobody would notice.

I’m unbelievably bored. I just made a long “to do” list because I was so bored. But I don’t want to *do* anything on the list – because I can just do it tomorrow, or this weekend. Or next week, even.

I decided that this is my body’s way of making me relax before “spring fever” settles in and I start running in overdrive, trying to get everything done.

Sigh. Back to staring at my to do list and the stack of papers on my desk, thinking about tomorrow when I’ll eventually get to them.

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