“Don’t Forget Us!”

Don’t Forget Us!

Niko and Kallie got wind that moving plans had started, and wanted to make sure they got packed as well. They’ve been pretty good packing helpers, really.

My house is on the market! Finally – a month later than I was hoping, but it’s listed. Here’s the online listing. It’s priced to sell – I may have been able to get more out of it, but then 10% of the houses in my town are for sale. We had one couple look at it yesterday, and they stayed for 1 1/2 hours. Someone else is coming tomorrow morning to look at it. Our Realtor is very optimistic that it will sell quickly – we’ll see.

It’s kind of nice having the house super-clean all the time. But it’s a pretty big production to get ready for a house showing: remove extra clutter, put the cats in a dog kennel in the garage, put all the cat and dog stuff in the garage… and take the dogs to the park.

I’m determined that we’ll get an offer on it this week. Chris is sure we’ll get multiple offers, which will drive the price up. Gee, that would be nice!

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