Consignment Opportunity

Candy Cane Soap

Above: One of my “Holiday” soaps – Candy Cane. The bottom red layer set up too quickly, so it isn’t as straight as I’d like it to be – but mostly I’m happy with the turnout. I used up the rest of all of the minty Essential Oils I had on hand.

Tonight I poured a Chocolate soap, and used the scraps from this batch (pictured above) embedded in part of the soap. Should make 8-10 bars of “Chocolate Mint” soap, and 20 plain Chocolate.

Back to the title subject. A lady I know in town is opening up a new consignment store. She’ll be located in the balcony/upstairs of Keeper’s (a flower and antique shop). She flagged me down last week and asked me to sell my products there! I’m really excited – first candles at the farm and now this – I may just be able to expand this hobby into something fairly profitable. I’ve been busy making lip balm, candles, and soap – and have ingredients on the way for lotions, shampoo, conditioner, shower gel. I can always pull out if stuff doesn’t sell, and gift them for Christmas, I guess! I’m really excited for her new store, too – she’s been wanting to do this for a while.

In the house-selling area, things aren’t going so well. We finally hand a showing – but for people who really just want to rent. Let’s hope they can’t find anything they like and decide to buy instead! Sigh.

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  1. Lynn says:

    Hey, I got the soaps I ordered on Wednesday, they all look great! I absolutely love the Lemons & Poppy Seeds. I’m a total sucker for that lemon scent.

    That’s really bummin about your house. They say the market has sort of bottomed out, and that in general the volume of houses on the market is going down, but prices are still dropping. I’m guessing Morris is affected a little differently than places that experienced a more dramatic price bubble. Good luck and don’t give up!

  2. jessi gurr says:

    I’m (sort of) sad to update that I ended up declining the Consignment opportunity. Just two days after posting this, I got an offer on my house. I ended up spending this week looking at a dozen houses in the cities, and just didn’t have time to put together a product line by the 20th.

    Actually, this is kind of a bummer because I bought a lot of ingredients right before my house sold. So now I have to move them with me, and I’m out the money I spent on them. Hopefully I’ll have time shortly after we move to finish the product line, and sign up for a few markets or craft shows. We’ll see… bigger town, maybe more opportunities for this little business!

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